Auditing: Dispensary




The Dispensary, Pharmacy or Chem Weigh process is where the drug ingredients are measured out in the correct amounts in preparation for manufacturing into finished products.

Dispensing/Pharmacy/Chem Weigh is an activity that can give rise to many potential mistakes, which is what GMP sets out to prevent and what we have to bear in mind as we audit the area.

Content includes:

Part 1: The go wrong things of dispensing

Part 2: Separate, clean & decent

Part 3: Dispensary procedures

Part 4: Review

Includes interactive FDA and EU GMP regulations

DVD running time 13 minutes.

Program package includes:

  • Leader’s Guide
  • Assessment and Answer Key Program

Available for distribution on company website, see License Type below for details.

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License Type

Single Use (Play on 1 Computer or use DVD Player and Monitor) ($315), Network/Plant Wide (Mp4 Files for Use on Shared Drive) (+$200.00)


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