Auditing: Laboratories



Someone, somewhere, has to prove that what is being made is correct, that it was made with the right ingredients, that it was made without any contamination and in the right environment – the Quality Control laboratory.

Checking that laboratories do it right, and have the right quality system in place is what your laboratory audit is all about. This program is a framework to guide you through the process of auditing a laboratory.

Video content includes:

  • Laboratory infrastructure and principles
  • Data and records
  • Analytical chemistry labs
  • Microbiology labs
  • Packaging materials testing laboratory

DVD Runtime: 24 Minutes

Program package includes:

  • Leader’s Guide
  • Assessment and Answer Key Program

Available for distribution on company website, see License Type below for details.

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Additional information

License Type

Single Use (Play on 1 Computer or use DVD Player and Monitor) ($315), Network/Plant Wide (Mp4 Files for Use on Shared Drive) (+$200.00)


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