Good Documentation Practices–eLearning Format



Good Documentation Practices is an eLearning program that includes two sections:

Section 1 provides basic information on Good Documentation Practices and Data Integrity.

Section 2 illustrates common good documentation practices.


Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the importance of good documentation practices.
  2. Discuss the connection between good documentation practices and data integrity.
  3. List examples of which types of documents good documentation practices apply.
  4. Record data within documents for good documentation practices.
  5. Make corrections within documents using good documentation practices.


  1. Program Objectives
  2. Good Documentation Practices Information
    • Why is Documentation Important?
    • FDA and Data Integrity
    • Types of GMP Documentation
      • Primary Records
      • Process Records
      • Operational Records
      • QC Support Records
  3. Good Documentation Practices
    • The Basics of Recording Data
    • The Importance of Signatures
    • Using NA (Non-Applicable)
    • Rounding Numbers
    • Making Corrections

Progam Information: 

Program produced in Articulate Storyline

Estimated Seat Time: 30 minutes


Program Preview:

To see a preview of this program click on the link below and you will be able to download a zipfile of the program. Once you have the zipfile downloaded, be sure to unzip the folder to preview the program.


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