Warehouse and Distribution Control



The Warehouse and Distribution Control training program includes the following learning segments:

  • Segment #1: Organization and Management
  • Segment #2: Personnel
  • Segment #3: Quality management
  • Segment #4: Premises, warehousing, and storage
  • Segment #5: Vehicles and equipment
  • Segment #6: Shipment containers and Labels
  • Segment #7: Repackaging Segment
  • Importation
Program includes:
Leader’s Guide
PowerPoint Slide Deck
Assessment Answer Key

Sample Leader’s Guide
Sample PowerPoint Slide Deck
Sample Assessment Answer Key

Additional information

Additional Information

This program is available in a PowerPoint format and is meant to be a basic, introductory program covering the topic. The program materials include a Leader's Guide, PowerPoint Slide Deck, Assessment and Assessment Answer Key. The program materials may be edited and modified to meet the buyer's specific needs.


This product is available for immediate download. Once credit card payment is received, you will be sent an email containing a link to a compressed or zip file. Once you receive this file, unzip it and you will have your complete program.


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